The Seinfeld Commercial

Posted: September 6, 2008 at 4:30 pm

I saw a news post about everyone panning the new Seinfeld-Microsoft commercial. I was moved to post.

The problem with the people who wrote all those reviews? They’re all old. The mainstream blogosphere is extremely skewed away from this commercial’s target demographic. They don’t want the old IT guy at joe bob’s computer emporium to start using Vista. They know that getting people aged 10-30 to use windows is where it’s at. They can still be influenced. They realize that during the time that the 10-30 crowd grew up, Microsoft wasn’t doing such a hot job and have since lost a lot of those users to Mac. They need to humanize Microsoft - make it seem less of that “Big Evil Monster.”

I’m currently 22 - and Seinfeld is one of my favorite shows of all time (only behind Arrested Development and The Office). Ever think what these three shows have in common? Extremely absurd humor. Who do they generally appeal to? Not old people. I think all these critics really showed their age with this raining down of criticism. They showed that they aren’t in touch with what’s new and going on in the world, and this advertising company showed just how brilliantly intelligent they are. It’s a funny ad - it keeps you interested - and in the end you think “Wow….Bill Gates isn’t some ancient weirdo locked in the basement still working on DOS.” Instead I’m left thinking - Bill Gates is a pretty quirky funny guy….and I think I like that. It makes you feel better about Microsoft - and thus their products. It’s not trying to be hip. It’s not faux hip. You old bloggers don’t even know what hip is. Considering you’re over 30 and writing blog posts on the internet - I’m pretty sure you never knew what hip was. If you weren’t hip in elementary, middle, or high school - you aren’t hip now. You don’t understand it. You can’t critique it.

This ad is quirky, intelligent, and funny. That’s what they were going for. It’s all win.

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