Sarah Palin

Posted: September 1, 2008 at 1:34 am

You know, I have been considering how and what I would write here since the announcement on Friday. I was going between several different takes:

“Election over in August: Obama wins by only one nomination!”
“Sarah Palin: The most experienced woman in this election!”
“Science who? Next VP doesn’t believe in global warming, evolution, or America!”
“Gun totin’ gal! Nagelhout’s next nuzzle comes from VP’s muzzle!” (I particularly like this one)

After all of that though, I decided the best article wasn’t an article at all but an image with a caption.

Sarah Palin, pictured here less than two years ago inside her Mayor’s office, is slated to become the Vice Presidential nominee for the Republican Party.

Yep thats right folks. This is where she actually reigned from.

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