Posted: October 1, 2010 at 5:10 pm

Initially I started reading RockPaperShotgun because of the articles. Now I read it for the comments. RPS has easily the best gaming community on the web - these people know their games and drop incredible knowledge oh-so-casually. Thus I present to you: Infinity

1) It’s an MMO.
2) If you can see it you can visit it (including all those stars in the sky!)
3) Your spaceship can be manually controlled
4) Combat is based on twitch combat = actually takes skill instead of fancy items

The only downside? It’s developed by 1 guy and a bunch of volunteers. That and you can’t hop out of your ship and walk around on the planet/spacestation/city. Unless some studio buys it and develops the game - this will never be fully fleshed out/finished. Someday someone will make this game right though. Someday.

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