Mickey is in town

Posted: June 7, 2009 at 2:56 pm

So my life is being owned by Disney at the moment. It would be super sweet and awesome if Nathan hadn’t turned “Team Awesome” into “Team Quarantine”

Everything is going decently well so far, but we are only a week in. You can wander along over here (Edit: link removed due to threats by Mickey’s lawyers. They’re a grumpy lot!) to stay on the “fringely-to-date” for everything we are doing. Yeah that’s right - it’s hosted on Disney’s servers. I’m important now. I don’t know if there will be spots for us to upload our progress later on or whatever, but that’s kind of home base for now.

The real reason I showed up was to share a MEL script I just had to write for some asset management yadda yadda yeah nobody is still paying attention anymore. The script returns the scene filename and removes the _mb or _ma at the end. Now you can quickly name nodes after the scene! Word.

string $currentScenePath = `file -q -sn -shn -wcn`;
$currentScenePath = startString($currentScenePath, size($currentScenePath)-3);

If you are working on filenames that are longer than mb or ma - just change that 3 to a 4. Simple.

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