The Universe is a Hologram

Posted: January 16, 2009 at 4:16 pm

According to some scientists, our universe could be just a giant hologram. A very interesting read, though a bit tough to wrap your head around.

I find it incredible that science has come far enough to detect this kind of stuff. Trying to put into words as best I can: I personally always thought it was strange that not everything is discrete. I feel like the Universe is one giant computer that is infinitely fast but has to be able to calculate how everything interacts. Though I was just thinking (if my understanding of the article is correct):

What if you had a particle moving at 1 meter for every “frame” of time (given time is discrete instead of continuous). Now as this particle is moving it encounters an object that is .5 of a meter thick, and happens to be located between these two “frames” of time. Does the collision not get “calculated” and the particle passes straight through the surface? Could this hitting and missing be another mechanic behind heat and light diffusion?

You encounter this situation in computational dynamics all the time. One of the most miserable things to deal with is interpenetration of your objects (clothing going through a mesh, particles slipping through surfaces, soft/rigid bodies clipping each other and going haywire). Here is an example of what I’m talking about. The guy would be the “particle” and the fence would be the “object” In reality the guy’s head should bounce off the wall, but instead goes through the wall. The first collision calculated is when his head is already halfway through the fence. If he were moving much faster or his body incredibly small it’s very likely he would have flown through the fence. This is possible simply because there is a discrete time in games (either 1/30th or 1/60th of a second). Since they are saying that our universe’s time is also discrete (though much much higher resolution), I would think the same phenomena could possibly happen in real life.

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  1. chris duffel Says: - so this guy slipping through this 1/60th of a discreet second while also having harnessed the power of the “sticky wheels” and the ever elusive “spin move”. this guy is like a skate elemental.

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