Posted: January 3, 2009 at 4:41 pm

Spotify seems like it should be quite useful - maybe not for everyone - but definitely for people who like to find new music. iTunes and Amazon Music have been fairly good at that in the past, but this seems like a much quicker, more seamless, and more satisfying experience. Since the loophole to sign up may be closed at any moment go sign up NOW (instructions in the top comment at that link).

Songs play as if they are locally stored (I’m literally amazed how fast it goes) - you have access to the full track (not just a sample!) - and you can fast forward through a track with zero slowdown. More amazingly - they have a HUGE selection of artists. I actually found Tycho(!!) which is a testament to their library. It doesn’t have some

Back before Napster was introduced you had to search Ftp indexing websites that were full of dead links (kinda like a really really crappy stripped down Google). It often didn’t come up with what you were looking for, and if it DID usually the file was gone or corrupted. Napster completely revolutionized that - all the files were real, easy to find, and quick to download. It’s not quite the same, but I feel like this is almost as big of a step forward as Napster was.

Now if only I could get this on my iPod there would be no reason to save files. Until then…..

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  1. Chris Wheeler Says:

    I completely agree. I’m using Spotify as I write this and its amazing (thanks Digg!). I don’t see any ads yet - probably because its still beta - and I’m hoping its not too obtrusive when they add them. Can’t wait to see this software at full release.

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